What Is The Theme Of Barbie Doll Poem By Sylvia Plath

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1. Marge Piercy, “Barbie Doll”
2. Edna St. Vincent Millay, “What Lips My Lips Have Kissed”
3. Sylvia Plath, “Daddy”
The three poems show the dissatisfaction the women get form their lives based on views of men in their lives. Their actions and feelings are based on how the masculine characters in their lives have impacted them. The poems project various feelings of depression, fear, anger and sadness as the different women reflect on their lives.
The poem ‘daddy’ shows the narrator’s relationship with her father. The father was emotionally detached from her. He was dominating and would often take authority over his wife and his daughter Sylvia. Her father died while she was eight years old. Her feelings of anger and suppression stemmed from
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The poem starts by showing how the girls’ life started out as any normal girl’s starts. She received common gifts such as miniature appliances for a household, dolls and makeups. Once she reaches puberty, one of her schoolmates makes an unflattering comment on her looks. They describe her as having a big nose and fat legs Invalid source specified.. The poem shows that the girls has other positive attributes including her sex drive, intelligence and physical prowess all of which she ignores and focuses on the unflattering comments on her body. As an adult, she decides to rid herself of her highlighted inadequacies leading to her demise. Even with many good qualities, the girl is plagued by remarks on her nose and legs all of which are based on presumptions of what society deems to be beautiful. As she is not able to meet the beauty standards, the girl focuses on these attributes which plague her life oppressing her and causing her to live a sad life. In her casket, we see that her appearance has been altered to make her look pretty as society would expect her to be. The poem highlights the extreme measures that women take so as to alter their physical appearance to mirror what the patriarchal society deems as …show more content…
Her reflections are on how she spent her life looking for attention and for love. After years of searching, she is still alone and her beauty has now faded. She receives less attention from men presently as her beauty is faded as compared to her younger days Invalid source specified.. The poem focuses on how she is sad due to her loneliness. It shows how the attention she got from men was in the past as she could remember them or even why they had been together. The poem generally focuses on the narrator’s sadness stemming her hopelessness and loneliness. The narrator attributes her loneliness to her fading beauty where men were more interested in her when she was younger and

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