Barbie And The Big Barbie Controversy Essay example

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Many young girls base their appearance of off tiny plastic stick figures known formally as Barbie dolls. Today, Barbie has over 40 dolls representing different nationalities. “With one Barbie doll sold every 3 seconds somewhere in the world, Barbie remains the world’s most popular doll and a powerhouse brand among girls of all ages“(Barbie), and with Barbie constantly reaching new heights of publicity, it’s not surprising that these young’s girls are unrealistic about their identities and worth but is this where the problem truly lies? Well-known writer, Prisna Virasin, in her article, “The Big Barbie Controversy”, published in *find where it was original published*, argues that Barbie influences negativity among girls in regards to their physique and lifestyles but parenting is a big influence as well. Virasin argues that society views Barbie as a scapegoat for what our society has turned into. Virasin uses ethos, by using credible sources and logos, by using statistics and quotes, to support her argument that Barbie does influence false realities but it’s not all Barbie’s fault. The purpose is to educate people on the misconceptions about Barbie and show the reader that it is not Barbie’s fault alone. The audience seems to be a parent based, because Varisin states arguments such as this:
The Barbie debate “Barbie good” and “Barbie bad” has actually masked the true issue. Instead, we need address how we value beauty, how we value ourselves… As a first step, we need to take…

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