Barack Obama 's Speech On President Obama Essay

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No matter your stance on President Obama or his administration, many would agree that he can passionately deliver a great speech. With 2016 being the finale of his 8-year term, the upcoming State of the Union address will be the last one of Obama’s presidency. As he prepares to address the country on Tuesday, January 12 at 9 p.m. ET, many Americans from all sides of the political spectrum are preparing to watch the President’s final formal speech online.

The word on the White House streets is that President Barack Obama intends to give us a non-traditional speech for his last State of the Union, while presenting his vision to the American people and outlining ambitious plans and goals that will still be relevant during the 2016 race to the executive mansion. Those tuning in from a variety of avenues can expect to hear about guns, Guantanamo, the economy and our country’s budget, along with highlights of many more issues during the State of the Union address. But, how exactly can you watch this concluding speech?

Streaming Services That Make Watching the State of the Union Address Easy

Most cable cutters know about streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and even Amazon Prime. Like those that came before it, Sling TV is another streaming service that opens the door to on demand content. The twist, however, is that Sling TV also offers access to cable channels. Its basic $20 a month package comes with popular channels such as CNN, Cartoon Network, Food Network, ESPN, Disney…

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