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Barack Obama – My Observations

As Barack Obama’s Presidency nears an end, it has become increasingly important for me to make my own assessments of his job performance and accomplishments.
My desire is to address some of the issues and stumbling blocks that have been placed in his way from the beginning and throughout his Presidency.
I must say that what I’ve observed from the outset of his Presidency is President Obama’s ability to carefully orchestrate the way he desired to be perceived by his supporters and non-supporters by trying hard to be a President for all people.
However, it has been very hard for him to keep the promises he made along those lines because he couldn’t avoid the fact that he was dealing with real life issues from a variety of special interest groups.
That’s why, I don’t believe that President Obama fully understood the challenges that he would be confronted with on so many levels. It’s difficult to please everyone and especially when there are so many special interests groups vying for his attention and approval of their agendas or programs.
Though he hasn’t necessarily succeeded in this area, it’s not because he hasn’t worked hard at it. Sometimes, the best you can do is to do the best job that you can for the benefit of all rather than focusing on a specific group of people.

But with all that he has accomplished in his Presidency and his record as a Senator, there continues to be those that believe that he shouldn’t have…

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