Banky: Rhetorical Analysis: Banksy

Register to read the introduction… The ethos of the rhetor is important because he is highly regarded for many reasons. Banksy is unwavering in his mission, and refuses acknowledgement and profit from his work. Thus further solidifying that he wants no gains monetarily or in celebrity distinction. This rhetor has the authority to make this particular argument in the eyes of the public because he himself has not fallen openly victim to the consumerism traps of society. Banksy has one objective: to rid society of its modernistic flaws. Since the beginning Banksy has employed his work to address political and social issues at hand in which the government and society are always the butt of the jokes. Those who view his art positively do so because he has made many political, iconoclastic statements in his work before and he seems to do it for no reason other than as an attempt to clean up society. The general public accepts Banksy’s work as constructive. Society feels not that Banksy is attempting to degrade what people have become, but instead that he has made it his mission to aid in ridding the world of the countless pitfalls in which most are trapped. This rhetor has the authority to makes such bold statements because he portrays a self image that has nothing to personally gain, contributing to the audience’s …show more content…
The argument is persuasive in some way to all whom view the image, which is believed to be the rhetor’s intentions. The most significant aspect of the artwork, the inclusion of a religious icon, is what causes divergent reactions. Many who view Banksy’s piece are struck by the realization of what society has become and as a whole have failed Jesus’ hopes for the world. These people are moved by the realization that society has fallen and are driven to make changes and turn their focus back to the intangibles that God has intended. Others have been offended by the rhetor’s inclusion of Jesus and have released media reports detailing how Banksy has ‘hurt the sentiments of the Christian community’. If exigence is intended, not all in the audience will receive the message well. This piece of art prompts me to re-think the things I value most. I fall into the same category as most, of those failing Jesus, and I think this is the reason so many people have claimed to be offended by this piece. It strikes a deep chord and touches on faith, a things religious people are intensely protective about. The artwork suggests that Banksy is pushing society to change, which is a thing most are unwilling to contemplate. The piece is effective because it plants a seed, which I think is Banksy’s intention. The way Banksy seems to be reaching out to society conveys that he does not intentionally offend, it is simply an

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