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Module 4


|CONSULT IN EUROPE - LDV project n. 2006 FR/06/B/P/PP-152533 |
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▪ To understand social dynamics within organisations. ▪ To understand and to be able to use theoretical concepts related to the organization.

Functional skills ▪ To identify and to understand stakeholders’ interests and power relations. ▪ To analyse external environment dynamics and the internal structure of the firm: from the restructuring of the sectorto the reallocation of internal resources within the firm. ▪ To identify problems. To develop a diagnosis. ▪ To identify and understand possible reasons for resistance to change and to find ways of dealing with these obstacles. ▪ To understand the process of skills development, transfer and retention within the organization.

Social skills ▪ To develop relational skills required to enhance future consultant’s performance in the change management process.



Morning: 3 h.


Session Objectives:
To give to participants an overall picture of the objectives and content of this training course and to share their ownexpectations of it.

Content: - Trainer’s presentation - round table to present individual concerns and expectations of the training course and establish the level of knowledge of each trainee about change management. - Reminder of training objectives, agenda, methods of evaluation.

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