Bandura 's Model : A Model Essay

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Bandura’s Model
Darci Deakin
Utah State University

Theoretical Application #3- Bandura’s Model
Role: Parent
Behavior: Refusal to do chores
Child’s Age: 10
Key concept 1: Attentional Processes Bandura’s model is constructed on that we often learn much faster through observing the behavior of others. Bandura’s believed that, “we cannot imitate a model unless we pay attention to the model. Models often attract our attention because they are distinctive, or because they possess the trappings of success, prestige, power, and other winsome qualities” (Crain, 2011). From this perspective, my 10-year-old child, who often refuses to do chores needs a model to help attract her attention and understand the importance of doing chores. Right now she is not wanting to do chores because her parents don’t like to do chores either. Because she does not have anything to grab her attention, as the parent, I should find positive attention getter. For example, a YouTube video on how important and fun chores can be. I like the idea that my child can learn the importance of doing chores through an attentional process. This can help have a positive outcome to her wanting to do chores. However, a con to using this form of an attention getter is it increases her screen time. She is learning from someone else instead of learning from people she knows, like her parents.
Key concept 2: Observational Learning (observation, imitation, modeling) Definition: “People cognitively…

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