Ballot Or The Bullet Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… I, however, believe this to show Malcolm X’s sense of urgency toward the civil rights situation at hand. Countless times in this address he calls to his fellow African Americans to inform themselves to the “ballot” or political atmosphere of their community. In place of violence, Malcolm X believes “that the black man should control the politics and the politicians in his own community”. He wants his fellow black citizens to better themselves and improve their communities using political knowledge, not aggression. This is the message he is trying to convey with his title. The Ballot or the Bullet can be understood to mean, if you do not take pride in your communities political life, you may as well destroy it. He fears political ignorance by black communities. He will not watch each community, whether it be in Alabama or Mississippi, Louisiana or Georgia, be continuously hoodwinked by the white Governors and Senators that fool and dupe his fellow African Americans at every turn. Malcolm X implores his followers to take part in groups and politics as an alternative to violence and aggression when striving for social justice and civil …show more content…
Though Carmichael detests white America, “The question is, Can white people allow for that in this country?” he believes in nonviolence. He states “The only time I hear people talk about nonviolence is when black people move to defend themselves against white people. Black people cut themselves every night in the ghetto -- Don't anybody talk about nonviolence.” Carmichael shows his nonviolent attitude when he states “don’t anybody talk about nonviolence.” If he didn’t care, if he supported violent means, he would not care enough to mention nonviolence in his speech. In fact he cares enough to point out to society that violence is colorblind, a crime is an illegal action committed by an individual, not a person of a certain race, ethnicity, or color. Carmichael follows with, “we must dismiss the fallacious notion that white people can give anybody their freedom.” He does not attack white America he “dismiss(es)” them. By choosing “dismiss” he allies himself with peaceful, nonviolent action. Carmichael is able to address the issue of white supremacy and their oppressive control in a nonviolent manner when pursuing social justice and civil

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