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I. Executive Summary II. Situation Analysis o Market Summary  Target Market Demographics  Geographic  Demographics  Behavior Factors Market Needs Market Trends Market Growth o SWOT Analysis  Strengths  Weaknesses  Opportunities  Threats o Competition o Product Offering o Keys to Success o Critical Issues III. Marketing Strategy o Mission o Marketing Objectives o Financial Objectives o Target Markets o Positioning o Strategies o Marketing Mix o Marketing Research o Action Plan IV. Financials o o o V. Controls o o o VI. Summary Implementation Marketing Organization Contingency Planning Breakeven Analysis Sales Forecast Expense Forecast


Baked By Melissa
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This market plan provides solutions that include expansion and growth, distribution, pricing and marketing strategies to achieve the following goal: By 2013, Baked by Melissa will be the leading mini cupcakery in New York City, Brooklyn and Queens and will also have a strong presence along the East Coast- Washington DC, Boston and Philadelphia.

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Baked By Melissa Marketing Plan
Hamos . Peerbhoy . Villacorta

II. Situation Analysis
Market Summary: Cupcakes are currently a hot trend in America with most dessert and cupcake bakeries now offering them as one of the many other desserts on their menu. The coffee giant Starbucks paid homage to the trend by recently introducing a limited range of mini cupcakes in their coffee shops4. While the cupcake market segment in New York City has a proliferation of cupcake and dessert 5 bakeries including the dessert bakery giant Crumbs Bake Shop which recently announced its IPO 6 (valued at $66 million) and Magnolia (credited to be the origin of the cupcake trend in NYC , Baked by Melissa has successfully carved a niche for itself through

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