Bad Day - Original Writing Essay

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Bad Day Everyone has had a bad day when he or she feels like no matter what, nothing will go his or her way. But they really do not have a bad day, it is just the events that make it seem that way. I was having a bad day when I got attacked by a bunch of yellow jackets. In reality it was my actions that lead to the event of my bad day. I learned that if I would think before I do something I may not suffer the consequence.
Kelsey, which is my step sister, my dad, Nikki, who is my step mom, Zach, which is my step brother, and Dennis who tagged along with Zach, all went to this camp resort called Longs Retreat. It was in the middle of July, and it was really hot. My dad was leaving to go to a car show with some of my family. It was with my family from Columbus, which we do not get to see that often, my dad sees them every year because of the car show. Zach, Dennis, Kelsey, Nikki and I stayed at the camp to look for water balloons but could not find any. Well every year Kelsey, Zach, Dennis, and I have a huge water balloon fight but we were out of water balloons. So Nikki and her sister Christie went to do laundry at the laundry mat and get balloons at Walmart. That’s when Kelsey and I decided to go to my dad’s friend’s camper; his name is Tom.
When we got there, Tom told us his wife was up all night, and was incredibly sick. Also, that she was asleep and we needed to keep it down. Tom, Kelsey and I sat on the porch and played Phase 10; a really fun card game while waiting on…

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