Background Of The Morse Code

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The Morse Code was invented by Samuel Morse in 1836. It was developed and worked on between 1830s and 1840s. The Morse code is a method of sending messages, that consist of sounds by telegraphs and radio operators. These messages are send through a wire or radio. This system is made up of a series of dashes, dots, short signals, long signals and spaces. These different signs all represent letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other types of symbols.

This code was used by the military and emergency support groups and by many people all around the world. Nowadays the Morse Code is not that popular anymore because there are many new ways of communicating with people, who live further away. Although we have new ways of communication it may
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He grew up in this town and later on went to Yale University. Samuel Morse was very interested in art and wanted to become a painter after graduating from university. When he finally graduated from Yale in 1810, he thought that his dream of continuing a career as a painter would finally come true. His father Jedidiah Morse did not understand this, he wanted his son to have a more stable and better paid job. So instead, he arranged Samuel Morse to apprentice at a bookstore in Boston, Massachusetts.

After working at the bookstore in Boston, he continued pursuing his interest in art. His father finally excepted his dream and allowed Samuel Morse to change his career, and to go study art in England. When he returned to America in 1815, he set up an art studio in Boston.

Samuel Morse married Lucretia Walker in 1818 and they later on had three children together. Samuel Morse’s travelled around the world a lot, as his paintings had been getting a lot of attention but had not made a lot of sales. On February the 7, 1825 his wife died after giving birth to their third son. Lucretia had gotten very ill while Samuel Morse had been gone from home working on a painting commission. When he arrived back home in America, his wife had already been buried. A couple of years after his wife had passed away, his parents died as
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After spending a couple of years in Europe travelling around, he decided to come back to America. While coming back to America from England on a boat in 1832, he met an inventor called Charles Thomas Jackson. They started discussing electromagnetism and how an electronic impulse could be carried along a wire for long distances. This gave Samuel Morse the idea of a telegraph. He started drawing sketches of a mechanical device that could improve communication, so that people who lived far away from each other could communicate easily.

He started building a prototypes of telegraphs from material which he bought at super markets and small corner shops. While he was spending a lot of time coming up with ideas how he could build and make his telegraph work, there were many other people working on similar inventions all around Europe. In Germany in 1836 the inventors Wilhelm Weber and Carl Friedrich Gauß were tackling the same issues that Samuel Morse had yet to

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