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Introduction There are music schools, conservatories, and private teachers, all over the World to educate children and adults with music, either through an instrument or through theory or even history of music. There is a certain amount of technical exercises, pieces for musicians, or history facts for musical historians to learn to gain an acceptable level of knowledge. There is one common point within these three categories of studies: Johann Sebastian Bach.
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Bach composed for instance his famous six suites for solo Cello (also used in the repertoire of the violin and Viola) and he also wrote four suites for orchestra. His Partita’s for piano are based on the structure of suites, and you also find elements in his sonatas and partitas for violin. These are essential works to study to achieve a high level for musicians. Now we come to a major music technique that Bach has mastered better than anyone else, the fugue. The principal of a fugue is to have one main theme, called the subject, played over and over again at different moments and by different voices (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass). They also imitate the melody by inversing it or by lengthening or shortening the time values of the melody. There can be up to five voices having each a melody added to the original. The rhythm or the key of the subject can be changed all the time. Overall, we can summarize a fugue by being a complex and very rich music piece. The fugues were composed either for one instrument, at the time it was for organ or harpsichord; they can also be attributed to a group of instruments or voices. We will explore late Bach’s Chorales where a multitude of fugues can be found. Bach, as his Handel, composed hundreds of fugues. A friend of Bach said, «Skill in fugue was so indispensable in a composer that no one could have attained a musical post who had not worked out a given subject

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