Axis Dominance During The Second World War II Essay

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Axis Dominance in the Beginning of the Second World War The Axis powers domination was undisputed in the first part of World War II, it was like Mike Tyson VS Michael Spinks where Mike Tyson knocked Spinks out just seconds into the first round, only Spinks was Europe and the Pacific. The dominance portrayed by the axis was distinct and scary for the allied powers. September 1,1939- This was the official start of the Second World War, when Nazi Germany invaded Poland, after previously signing the German-Soviet Non Aggression pact, they agreed to split Poland in half, so on September 17, 1939 Soviet Russia did their part and attacked from the east which the two forces were too powerful for Poland and took in within a matter of weeks. The Franco-Polish military Alliance assured Poland that if they were to be attacked the French and the English would declare war on the Germans, and they did but they did nothing, in that time waiting, it allowed the German Army to get back to the western front. If France wanted to they could 've stopped Germany quick, only if they would’ve attacked when the German army was still in Poland, but they didn 't, in my opinion stupidity and poor leadership was the reason for it, probably had to do with liberal democrats too but that might just be a personal dislike referring to today 's politics, but that subject is for another time. What Nazi Germany is doing in the beginning of this war as my personal war strategist opinion (this is a joke I…

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