Awareness Strategies For A Happiness Based On Data Collected From Following Happy People

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In order to increase our happiness, we need to engage in happiness strategies. These strategies are daily activities statistically proven to increase happiness based on data collected from following happy people. However, before Lyubomirsky discusses her twelve main, recommended strategies, she prefaces part two with addressing the issue of individuality. Every individual has unique interests, values, and needs and, for that reason, every individual has an individual path to finding happiness; there is no magic one way, one stop cure. Lyubomirsky outlines three types of fits happiness activities can have with an individual: fit with the source of the individual’s unhappiness, fit with the individual’s strengths, and fit with the individual’s lifestyle (p. 70). With regards to fitting with the individual’s unhappiness, she explains how as each of us are unique, what makes us unhappy is unique; there are a plethora of sources of unhappiness. If one is able to identify their source of unhappiness, they can use happiness strategies geared toward working on this weakness. On the flip side, strategies can be fit with one’s strengths. For more goal-oriented people, finding out what they are good at and then using strategies to derive more pleasure from these activities may be the most beneficial. The final fit outlined is fitting happiness strategies to one’s lifestyle. If one has a busy life, taking a significant amount of time out of their day for happiness strategies may…

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