Avoiding The Conflict Between Ireland And England Essay

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Trouble in Paradise

Well maybe not heaven on earth the island nations of the British isles offer a unique climate with rolling green pastures, misty mountain crags, breathtaking castles, and cool summer breezes. There is something about Ireland that makes people just want to come back, but however like any place it has not been with out its share of wars and troubles. Ireland has a unique problem that has been around for hundreds of years. A question remains in the minds of many of those in Europe, Is there a solution to the conflict between Ireland and England? This is no recent battle and strife dates back hundreds of years, it is one of the last European wars fought over religious reasons.1 Although there is not outright war, conflicts are still tense and raging to this very day. Marble markers, a memorial to those that have died as a result of religious conflict are scattered around northern Ireland. If one should take a look at these they would notice dates on these slabs the continue well up into the late 2000 's.2 The extent of this conflict has even reached New Zealand by the way of settlers who came from England and Ireland and brought their troubles with them!3 Ireland as we know it today has not always been divided into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. For centuries Ireland has been a rich and prosperous country. Early Vikings raiding parties that came to Ireland in the 8th century loved to plundering the coast and later settle down there,…

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