Essay about Avatar Summary

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Avatar Review Avatar is a clear example of imperialism, which has occurred throughout history immensely. There are many times in history were natives of a country have been imperialized by a foreign country for their lands resources, this occurred in Avatar as well. For example when the Native Americans were imperialized by European countries. Also when Africa was imperialized by Britian. They were taken over for their lands' resources, without recognition of how the natives felt. Avatar's imperialism in the movie and the world's history of imperialism have many similarities. Avatar is about an paraplegic Marine Jake Sully who decides to take on a mission on the distant world of Pandora. There he learns of greedy corporate figurehead …show more content…
The natives' culture was destroyed with this because they were very close to the land and the natural beauty of the land was destroyed by the foreign imperials' industrial ways. They only worried about their selfish needs and destroyed a whole kind, culture, and land. In connection to Avatar, Colonel Quaritch was like the European countries with no worries about the Na'vi natives, all he was worried about was obtaining their rich resources. He stopped at nothing he destroyed their lands and killed many native people, like the Europeans had. This shows the connection of imperialism of North America by European countries and imperialism in Avatar. Imperialism had also occurred in Africa, parts of Africa was imperialized by Britain . The Britain economy has always depended deeply on trade, and Britain wanted the West Coast of Africa for its palm oil. They took control of it simply because the native political structure was too unstable for good commerce without British management. The British also wanted to bring the English orderly government to Africans and spread Christianity. Like in Avatar the attempt to imperialize was similar because the British used advanced technologies to take over the less advanced African countries. Through imperialism, Britain influenced African countries and had changed the native culture. In Avatar the humans attempt to destroy their sacred tree would have crushed their culture and allow the humans to take over. Which is like when

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