Autonomous Cars : What Is Their Place? Essay

2327 Words Dec 1st, 2016 10 Pages
Autonomous Cars: What is Their Place in Society? “I’d start walking your way, you’d start walking mine. We’d meet in the middle, ‘neath that old Georgia pine”. Most arguments have a far right and far left. They both shout their opinions and very little ever gets done, and just the ole country song from Diamond Rio, the best solutions are very close to the middle and driverless cars are no different. Many people have been huge proponents of driverless cars ever since they gained momentum from google. Some people say that everyone should still be driving manuals. You have your old time people that will never let anything go no matter what, and those people that always want the latest and greatest thing no matter how much it costs. Although the idea of driverless cars has been out for a couple of decades now, the idea has only become a possibility in recent years. This all started with Google, now known as Alphabet, in the late 2000s with their self-driving project, but the big stage began in 2015 with Tesla’s Autopilot system on their Model S, which could virtually drive itself [Weber] []. But should cars that can completely drive themselves really become the future of our transportation system? My answer to that is no. Therefore, fully-autonomous cars should not enter onto our United States roadways due to their lack of flexibility, especially in industries such as construction, engineering, and agriculture, destruction of market choice, and increase in government…

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