Why Is Automobile Important To Society

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Automobiles are very useful in today society. The automobile is a product that everyone uses everyday even if you can’t afford one. In the beginning of the century the automobile was for the rich. There is not a specific person who invented the first automobile but many say its Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, a French military engineer who built a steam-powered tricycle, but there where flaws in this design because a steam engine added so much weight that was poor for vehicles traveling on regular roads rather than on rails. As time progressed they started using gasoline-powered engines instead. Automobiles not only helped you get to a destination faster it also produced many job such as road construction workers, highway designers, and state police. Before the automobile, people lived in the city and worked in the city, or lived in the country and worked on a farm. The automobile allowed people to live on the border of the city and be able to work in the city. …show more content…
Automobiles gave the freedom to many people because it encouraged families to travel. The automobile helped people to realize that they don’t need to live by the railroad stations anymore. However, in North America and Europe the automobile became cheaper to the middle class. In result, Henry Ford made it easier by pricing his cars to be affordable and paid his workers enough to buy them cars that they were working on. Not only did automobiles effect the environment, it also affected gender. People were satisfied that women should not drive a car. In today’s society the automobile has value to society. Although, there are many disadvantages such as distracted driving, accidents, and pollution. The automobile is functional in our everyday lives and is more convenient for people to get to one place to another in a shorter distance rather than walking or riding a

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