Autoimmune Disease : Autoimmune Diseases Essay

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Autoimmune diseases affect about 50 million of the American population according to the American Autoimmune Statistics. Autoimmune occurs when the immune system can not detect the difference between self and nonself. The human immune system protects the body from foreign virus’ and sends antibodies to kill the unknown virus or intruders. This disease then causes the body to produce antibodies that will attack against the body’s healthy cells. It proceeds to attack itself and it’s healthy body cells. Although the actual cause as to why certain autoimmune diseases develop remains uncertain, there is a strong correlation between genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors.
Rheumatoid arthritis represents one of the most common autoimmune diseases that affect 0.6% of the United States population, especially in females. Rheumatoid arthritis is usually detected in middle aged patients but may occur at any age. RA is a chronic inflammatory disease that predominantly targets the synovial joints, causing damage and an inflammation to the tissues and at the joint space. It can ultimately lead to bone loss and has been known to affect many internal organs as well. The joints will then appear disfigured, destructed and can cause excruciating pain. This, in time, can lead to operative disability or death due to lack of maintenance. The exact origin is not known, but rheumatoid arthritis has been affecting humans for thousands of years. Rheumatoid arthritis ultimately a disease of…

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