Autistic Children Face New Challenges On A Daily Basis Essay

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Autistic children face new challenges on a daily basis. Depending on the level of autism, some challenges will more difficult than others. People that are diagnosed with having autism can have difficulty making and keeping relationships because it is harder for them to understand the feelings of others, and it is hard for them to know what others need. Not only is it hard for people with autism to develop relationships, but speech and verbal communication can be difficult for them as well, which can also make it hard for them to carry on a conversation. Some autistic individuals are able to excel in one particular subject, whereas other autistic individuals take the intelligence test and score below the average. According to an article solely based on autism, two of the subjects that autistic individuals seem to excel in are mathematics and music.
In an interview I had with a mother of an autistic child on April 14,2015 at approximately 11:20 A.M., I asked her a few questions concerning autism and the everyday life with an autistic child. I first asked her “What are some challenges that your daughter faces in her everyday life?” Her response was, “She doesn’t catch on to social cues in conversation with adults, or with peers. She can’ts stay on one subject or time line, nor can she judge what’s appropriate as far as tone or loudness of voice; she struggles with loud voices. She has trouble processing too many directions given at once, and her memory is also very off. She…

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