Autism Spectrum Disorder Case Study

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Imagine a charming, bouncing baby girl named McKenzie. She has a head full of hair and angelic blue eyes. McKenzie’s parents were so overjoyed with her progress especially since she was developing accordingly. She uttered her very first word at twelve months and stood up for the first time, not long after just three months later. McKenzie was the referred to by her parents as "the perfect baby", until five days following her third birthday. McKenzie began to lose her words. She was no longer appreciating the company of parents, her senior brother, or even the family pet. McKenzie would sit for quite a long time gazing at the turning wheels of her Barbie truck and at the connections on the K 'nex building set as opposed to driving the car or …show more content…
ASD is characterized by various deficits in verbal and nonverbal correspondence and social cooperation with others. Normally analyzed in early infancy, this disorder is said to be harsh and the most impairing of the neurodevelopment disorder. The contrast between individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and non-autistic individuals is the distinction in social and enthusiastic activities and responses. The development of this disorder typically occurs before the age of three years old (Association for Science in Autism Treatment N.D.). Furthermore, to comprehend this issue one should first realize that there are many types of autism. As previously expressed, autism is a “spectrum of disorders” that consists of three different types if autism: autistic disorder, pervasive developmental disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome (Society, n.d.)Like many disorders, ASD occurs in all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. The symptoms of ASD are evident in a child’s initial phase of life. “Although ASD affect more males than females, it is not clear whether neurobehavioral correlates of ASD are equivalent across genders” (Lemon, J.M., Gargaro, B., Enticott, P.G., & Rinehart, N.J., 2011). Autism Spectrum Disorder is 4.5 times more common in males than females. Those diagnosed with the disorder often suffer from social, emotional and communication complications …show more content…
It has the most effective treatment method (Sallows & Graupner, 2005). Behavioral treatments can result in substantial gains for a larger proportion of children. Intensive treatment involves a child’s entire family. A young child with autism receives structured, therapeutic activities for at least 25 hours a week. Behavioral intervention focuses on the areas such as: social skills, imitation, and play skills. The progress of the child is regularly evaluated and recorded. (Autism Speaks N.D). Early intervention improves learning, communication and social skills. All outcomes are different for each young child with autism. Sometimes, successful treatment can produce outcomes that no longer meet the criteria for an autism diagnosis. With a more effective treatment, young children with autism can have a better outcome in all spheres of life. (Autism Speaks N.D). Behavioral treatments involves hours of therapy with one or more specialists (Tarkan, 2002). Many researchers have spoken out on the effectiveness of this behavioral

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