Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd ) Essay

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Autism in Schools
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is continuing to affect more and more children everyday. Autism can have a huge impact on a child’s ability to succeed in school. Autism can result in a delay in brain development that can be associated with difficulties in social and motor skills. Physical health can also be affected, which often results in sleep deprivation. All of these conditions will often damage a child’s chances to succeed in school. Schools need to do all they can to help minimize the risks for students with Autism. By providing more and better resources, schools can allow students with Autism to learn in the best ways for them. Autism is on the rise, and schools should be doing all they can do to help this growing number of students. The goal for schools should be to reduce the risks that students with Autism enter school with, and create a learning environment that fits their specific needs. If administrators can focus on molding the curriculum and structure within schools, students with Autism will ultimately feel more comfortable and have a better opportunity to learn.
Literature Review
WebMD’s Colihan (2008) focused on gaining knowledge to suggest strategies and techniques to help children with Autism succeed in school. Colihan talked to parents, therapists, and educators to collaborate advice to help children with Autism strive in school. Colihan suggests that early intervention is key to helping children with Autism thrive…

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