Essay on Autism Is Not A Disease But A Disorder

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Autism is not a disease but a disorder. A disorder which affects the brain and according to Human Diseases and Conditions Autism is defined as “a person’s ability to communicate with and relate to other people and limits the person’s interests and activities.” Within the last few years, autism has finally been recognized as a medical condition. For many years, autism was thought to be a mental disease instead of a developmental disorder. This was until Leo Kanner conducted his research on

One of the “founders” of autism is Leo Kanner a physician at Johns Hopkins. Kanner was one of the very first doctor to be named a child psychiatrist. In 1943, he published a study of eleven children one which seemed different. In this study, Kanner stated “One child seemed to be self-satisfied. He has no apparent affection when petted. He does not observe the fact that anyone comes or goes, and never seems glad to see his father or mother or any playmate. He seems to draw into his shell and live within himself.” Kanner is describing what seems to be autism. Since Kanner did his study, science has developed more and led to the discovery to other disorders related to autism. These include Asperger 's and Autism Spectrum disorder. He only studied eleven children, today many children have autism.

Autism is a rapidly increasing disorder throughout the world. In 2000, two to ten children out of 10,000 had autism. Within ten years, this number has increased significantly. In 2010, One of…

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