Essay on Autism Between Autism And Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism is possibly one of the most well known disorders due to its nature. By this I am talking of many things, the range that it can affect people, the diagnosis rates, and the unique symptoms that can occur. In most peoples minds, Autism is an extremely damaging disease when talking of the quality of life for the one affected, but this isn 't necessarily true. Along with quality of life, the reasons for autism are also misunderstood and possibly incorrect. With diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder rising every year, it is important that people become well informed on the topic. Surprisingly people don 't seem to fully understand that Autism is incredibly similar to many other illnesses and disorder in a way. Just like the common cold, there are different varieties and severity’s of this disorder. This is most likely due to the generalized name Autism being what most people know. Formally calling this condition Autism Spectrum Disorder is one step to helping people understand a little more. As seen in the name ASD covers many specific classifications, this includes Asperger 's, Pervasive developmental disorder, Rett syndrome, Autistic disorder, and a few other uncommon varieties. These disorders generally are strongly associated with social development and often learning impairment, it should be understood that these symptoms are not always strongly present. Life simply is not easy in most cases for people with ASD, learning impairment, poor social development,…

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