Authoritarian And Egalitarianism: Napoleon's Power

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“My policy is to govern men as the great number wish to be governed. That I think, is the way to recognize the sovereignty of the people.” This was stated by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, a notorious leader and enlightened despot of the nineteenth century who was both an authoritarian and egalitarian. Through his use of relentless nationalism towards France, Napoleon utilized his influence and authority to ameliorate the lives of French citizens.
Bonaparte received his power from the people and therefore always strived to make the country powerful and prosperous for the people. He believed in both a strong government and the abolishment of the aged aristocracy of privilege. Even though he grew up in a family of lesser nobility and did
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Sense of nationalism breached from the sense of pride that Napoleon had in bettering his country. For example, physically Napoleon was able to improve France 's buildings and canals while also using his authority to regulate prices of goods and keeping the economy steady. Politically he was able to eradicate the Directory, an elected legislature and an executive branch made up of five directors, which failed to provide the stability the French people yearned for. In religious context Napoleon was able to negotiate the Concordat, which required the clergy to swear an oath of loyalty to the state and give up the claim to confiscate property. In 1802 Napoleon swore in the Organic Articles, which permitted the French government to establish supremacy of the state over the church; thus being able to give the people more leniency in religious pursuits.This complies to Voltaire 's ideas, state in “Treatise On Tolerance”, that in order to have a thorough society, France must become religiously tolerant. Economically, Napoleon was also able to create a fairer tax system and create the Bank of France in order to pay off France’s debts. He enforced a law requiring all citizens to pay taxes which would eventually be deposited into the Bank of France and would in turn make loans to businesses and issue money. These positive endeavors towards the French community made Napoleon a monumental figure in creating …show more content…
By his efforts Napoleon was able to become a viable and fair leader who exponentiated France’s nationalism astronomically. Even though he was often seen as power-hungry for enacting full power over the French people, his efforts were made in order to make France a more beneficial and Enlightened country and to better the lives of its people. As authoritarian and egalitarian he was able to created the nationalism and civil laws so salient they are still used in France

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