Austronesian Migration Essay

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Q: What was the sequence of human migration across the planet?
A: The sequence of human migration started in Africa then led to the Middle East and from there went into Europe, Asia and eventually into Australia.
Q: How did Austronesian migrations differ from other early patterns of human movement?
A: Austronesian migrations differed from other early patterns of human movement because they were undertaken by people who carried domesticated plants and animals with them and both genders went on the journeys. With this in mind it is believed that those migrants were planning, intentional colonization, which is a contrast to other migrations where nomads would go place to place in search of food and not try to colonize.
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The Paleolithic era and society were some of the first to really accomplish much of which would be the stepping stones for other societies. The Paleolithic era was the first to use some form of tools and the first known period of human culture. Human beings went from being nomads and traveling in search of food to constructing settlements and organizing some form of orderly structure. They developed languages, traditions, worships, and technology. In the grand scheme of things without the Paleolithic era much of what we consider world history wouldn’t even …show more content…
Often, that meant conquest and the mix of cultures that would displace gathering and hunting and replace with an agriculture based life style. However, the Agricultural Revolution was resisted in some places; it didn’t spread beyond New Guinea’s core. It also didn’t spread to the nearby peoples of Australia. They resisted because they remained committed to hunting and gathering because they lived in areas unsuitable for farming, such as deserts and or arctic

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