Australia 's Programs And Actions Towards Asylum Seekers Essay

1117 Words Apr 20th, 2016 5 Pages
Australia is considered one of the safest countries in the world. If this is so, why is our nation denying refugee’s access to come here when they are in desperate need for a safe haven? We pride ourselves on accepting all cultures and nations, helping them out as much as we can. But when it comes to asylum seekers, we become so ignorant about the topic that the majority of us show no empathy towards them. This is exemplified by current programs Australia has implemented which help with the refugee’s necessities and caters to their safety - which restricts the basic rights and freedom they came here for. Not only that, but our acceptance rate is extremely low compared to countries that are financially unstable and to countries with a smaller land mass. Finally, there are many things citizens can do to improve Australia’s programs and actions towards asylum seekers; these actions can create a positive impact on refugees and can save their lives. If Australia is so safe and accepting, we should not turn our back to those in need.
Although Australia has many positive programs that try fulfilling basic necessities, there are too many deficits that make them unable to function properly. The United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) is one of the most popular resettlement programs that cater to asylum seekers all around the world. The government made this agenda sound promising and provided a ray of hope to the refugees in need of safety. However, the implementation of…

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