Essay on Australia 's Inbound Tourism Industry

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The Australian tourism industry has over the years gain a huge importance in the country’s success and has nowadays established itself as one of the main economic drivers of Australia. This paper focuses on the Australian inbound tourism and identifies its various trends over the last two decades. Furthermore, attention is given to the economic factors of the inbound tourism as well as the development of the air transportation industry and its influence on Australia’s inbound tourism. Those different points discussed in this paper will give an overview of how the Australia’s inbound tourism has evolved during the last two decades.
As per the UNWTO (1995), inbound tourism involves people travelling to a country for a period of less than one year in order to experience any leisure, business or any non-remunerated activity that brings them outside of their usual environment. The Australian Bureau of Statistics or ABS (2000) reports that there have been 4.2 million international tourist arrivals in Australia during the year 1997-1998 and that the main tourism generating regions were North-East Asia (33%) and Europe (22%) During that year, the ABS also recorded that of the total tourism contribution ($25.2 billion) to Australia’s Gross Domestic product (GDP), 21% came from international tourism (Trewin, 2000). Nearly two decades later, during the year 2014-2015, the Australian Trade Commission (2016) reports that international tourist arrivals has reached a record breaking number…

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