Australia 's Current Relations Between Australia And Australia

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Since its birth, Australia as a nation has developed and changed. Its influences, allegiances, leaders and customs are constantly evolving, and its relationship with Britain is no different. Since 1788 when the Australian colony was founded, Australia’s ties with Britain have been both strengthened and weakened. In recent years Britain’s importance to Australia and vice versa is often questioned and debated. It appears, although in previous years the relationship has been at an expiration point, Australia’s ties to Britain are reforming with future prosperities, however this is not to say that the British relationship is still as important. It seems both Britain and Australia are exploiting each other’s advantages – however with Australia’s current relations around the world, there may not be a need to do so and as such the Australian-British relationships importance becomes highly debateable.

Prior to the 1960s Britain was Australia’s most important trading partner, investor, source of immigrants and defence. The commonwealth was essentially a “family of old British colonies”, brought together by “National interest and sentiment”. This all changed in the 70s; Britain was no longer the “natural market” for Australian Exports, the source of new immigrants or the primary guarantor of defence. In fact, Britain alienated Australia and New Zealand by applying for membership of the EEC, further imposing restrictions on the free movement of commonwealth citizens into…

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