Australia 's Criminal Justice System Essay

1160 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
Australia’s criminal justice system is equipped to handle terrorism, but there is doubt on the effectiveness of the actions taken. Though the nation is relatively peaceful and mostly inactive in regards to politically motivated violence, there is enough demand for responses towards past events that there has been implementation of legislation to protect the public. Whether or not the measures taken by the system is successful in its objective to achieve justice and prevent further such incidences remains to be determined through an examination of contemporary cases. This essay has scrutinized the Endeavour Hills Stabbing (2014) and the Sydney Siege (2015) to conclude that the processes and responses currently appointed to deal with terrorism are inadequate, due to their narrowed outlook on definitions, and restricted views on perpetrators.
The most predominant and controversial issue is how to establish whether an act is one of terrorism, as the type of crime dictates the extent of the actions that should be taken, and hence, whether or not justice has been reached. The definition of terrorism is that of “an action or threat of action where the action causes certain defined forms of harm or interference and the action is done or the threat is made with the intention of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause”. Officially, the Endeavour Hills stabbing and the Sydney Siege has been classified as such, however whether this was a correct judgement is a topic…

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