Australia As A Nation Of Wealth And Prosperity Essay

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Australian Pride

Australia being a nation of wealth and prosperity, that dignifies itself on its “Aussie pride” rather than human rights is the main reason as to why we haven 't secured a seat at the United Nations human rights council (UNHRC). While Australia is commendable for some of its approaches to HR, they continue to face issues with their harsh mandatory detention and turn back policy as well as over representation of indigenous people in the criminal justice system. Additionally, Australia continues to struggle to find a balance between national security and HR, thus causing difficulties to maintain the unbiased and democratic ideals of our multicultural country.

The problem with Australia is that issues are recognised and talked about, but actions are either delayed or not taken whatsoever. Not only that, but Australia being the only developed democracy without a national human rights act makes it seem even more doubtful that we will get a seat as part of the UNHRC. Currently one of our biggest problems is the indefinite detention of asylum seekers, especially children. Despite it being a breach of the right to freedom from arbitrary detention under ICCPR and CRC, solutions haven’t been produced. Ultimately, it becomes obvious that urgent change is required when our own Prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull had to apologise for the countries conduct saying; “To the former child migrants, who came to Australia from a home far away, led to believe this land would be a…

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