Australia, A Country Of Great Diversity, Multiculturalism And Individuality

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Australia, a country of great diversity, multiculturalism and individuality. Our soil holds many unique physical features including a heterogeneous range of flora and fauna. Our ethnic history holds likeness to those of no other geographical destination, which may explains why Australia is such a captivating country to the rest of the world. The evolution of Australia occurred in a very short period of time, beginning with the earliest convict settlements around the 19th century, to the now internationally recognised metropolitan cities, which are responsible for the attraction of millions of tourists and immigrants each year. The history of Australia is one, which evokes an image of conflict, human rights infringements, economic expansion and the privation of initiating a cultured country in such an undeveloped and severe landmass. Throughout the duration of history Australians have attempted to grasp onto the idea of an ‘identity’ which sets them apart from the rest of the world. Good Morning/Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Olivia Siva and I am here representing publisher Allen and Unwin. I have come to talk to you about the whole idea of Australian Identity, most specifically in relation to the highly renowned Australian novel ‘The Harp in the South’ by author Ruth Park and ‘True Blue” an anthology of written pieces which reflect on Australian Identity. The Harp in the South tells the story of a working class Irish-Catholic family living in the postwar slums…

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