The Romantic Era

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One can simply not define a period of literature so profound and daring. The authors of the Romantic era wrote beyond the rules of restriction and challenged the social, religious and political ideals of the time. Spurred on from the French Revolution and the effects it had on the time. The Romantics took the common everyday life and wrote it in a way that it suddenly became full of meaning and drama. The inner working of the conscious mind was were the authors work stemmed from. The Romanticism era is a historical classification, which labels writers and writings of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Each of the author’s did however focus on three key aspects in each work, which is a prominent sign that is from the Romantic …show more content…
Suffering, which is defined as the condition of one who suffers the bearing of pain or distress. Then finally salvation, which can be defined as preservation or deliverance from destruction, difficulty, or evil. Some key authors that clearly stay true to sin, suffering, and salvation would be Jane Austen, James Hogg, and Williams Blake. Each author of the time focused on the individual rather than the society and cared and wrote about the characters inner mind.

Jane Austen was born in 1775 in the United Kingdom. She grew up in a well-respected family with her parents and siblings. She was extremely close to all her siblings, especially her older sister Cassandra. There are quite a few similarities between Jane’s home life and the literary works she has written. After Austen’s father died, her sister and her mother were forced to move place to place. This then caused them a multitude of financial restraints and problems. Jane’s situation is much like the family in Sense and Sensibility. In 1817 she fell ill and passed away. It was not till after her death, that she began gaining the full recognition of being an author of the Romantic time period. One of her most critically acclaimed novels of the time period was
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The inner suffering for Elinor begins. She is the very sensible person who does not get carried away by love. The family eventually leaves there home and goes to live with a distant cousin. Edward is sad of their departure and promises to visit. At their new home new issues arise. Marianne Dashwood is the middle sister; she loves Shakespeare, romance and exudes passion. She thinks with her heart and not her head. She is not particularly fond of their new situation. The family then learns of their new neighbor, Colonel Brandon, was a retired officer that has been through his fair share of sin and suffering in his time. He had a past situation that caused he much despair and heartbreak. He used to love a girl that he too was permitted to marry. He meets the Dashwood’s and falls fast for Marianne. He shows nothing but kindness to the family and clearly wants to be with Marianne. Marianne however, has trouble feeling the same way. She is a hopeless romantic she doesn’t feel the same about the Colonel. She believes he lacks passion. Regardless, he loves her, whether she loved him back or not. He suffers internally waiting for the one-day she is ready to love him back.

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