The Influence Of Romanticism In Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

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Would Romanticism affect your form of writing? The Romantic Era influenced Mary Shelley and her writing by taking her writing one step further. This caused many literary forms to be created in this time period. In the Romantic Period, poetry was considered the most important genre, but they focused more on “gothic tales and sciences”. Also, the number of people that could read drastically changed heavily during this time period. The expression “Romantic” gained currency and had an expression in art, music, poetry, drama, literature and philosophy. Romanticism had a great reflection on the crisis of Enlightenment that caused an uncomfortable philosophe of single-mindedness. The Romantics began to attack the Enlightenment due to it blocking them from being able to express their creativeness and emotions. The result of this was nothing less than the demotion of the individual, which caused the Romantics to yearn for freedom. The Romantics were rebels that were passionate about their subjectivism and their tendency toward introspection (historyguide). Romanticism was known as an idea and an effort that was an old way of confronting experience, and also considered as indicative of an age of crisis. As successors to the Enlightenment, the Romantics were often …show more content…
Mary Shelley was deeply influenced by the romantics, and there were a number of characteristics of romanticism in this novel. Not only does Shelley engage with Romanticism, she exceeds much of what her contemporaries were writing by taking the movement one step further. What Shelley portrays in Frankenstein is not a moment from her personal experience, but she is still portraying a particular quest. What makes Frankenstein endure as a romantic novel is the fact that it takes on romance-like characteristics and concerns that are central to romantic writing and challenges the common use of

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