Historical Context Of Pride And Prejudice Essay

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Jane Austen was a writer of love and wealth; her stories were all inspired by relationships and the social classes the characters in her stories were in. Austen was known little before 1900’s in America, but by mid-century she received more attention in England. Jane left many people in this world when her time was coming short; she broke the heart of her readers, but they would keep her memory alive by making a cult of admirers who were known as “Janeites”. This cult was not the only memory people had of her; they also turned many of her novels into films. (Jane Austen’s biography) At the age of 41, Jane would start getting ill; she kept many efforts to keep writing but her conditions would soon become to severe. (Jane Austen) In 1817, she …show more content…
(Historical Context of Pride and Prejudice) People considered it “immodest” to have someone read a woman's stories for money; many said it was just a step away from prostitution. (Pride and Prejudice Themes) This story was written in the time of the French Revolution, but something closer to her home was Great Britain combining with Ireland to become the United Kingdom and the slave trade was ending thanks to King George. (Historical Context of Pride and Prejudice)
When going throughout this novel, every word written is a new journey to be encountered. From Elizabeth going from one relationship to her next have to follow alone with each word to see where she will go. The journeys are encountered not on the outside but on the inside of the home when they go visit people. Mr. Bingley and Darcy leave the Netherlands and head to London; Elizabeth comes to find Bingley’s true feelings for her. Then there is a turn in the novel when Elizabeth goes to Mr. Collin’s, for Darcy would tell Elizabeth his true feelings and ask for her hand in marriage.(Theme, Motifs, and
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Everyone is guilty of pride in this novel if it is deserved or not they still have in. Everyone we meet in this novel takes pride in something they have. Elizabeth has an issue with the amount of pride Darcy has, its too overpowering. Many thought he had a reason to be proud, “ If I may express it he has a right to be proud. (Austen,18) Although Darcy and Mr. Collins do not have a right to be proud they are proud of the lives they have made, “If I were as rich as Mr.Darcy…” they would be proud too if they were in the same standings she’s in. (Austen,19) It is “...human nature…” to be proud so she would not find it hard to forgive his pride, “...I could easily forgive his pride…”. (Austen, 19) They are all guilty of acting the way they do; Darcy shows pride and Elizabeth finds it too much but soon realizes that is who he is and how he was raised during this time because of his social standing in this time.”It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of a wife.” (Austen, 1) He was higher class so he was more confident and proud of who he was other than someone like her who had little and was proud of it but did not let it take over her outlook on life just because her wallet may have been more full than the person beside her. She forms a bad opinion on Darcy due to the fact he is all in all proud of who he is but too proud because of

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