Essay Augustine On The Problem Of Suicide

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Augustine on the problem of suicide is a response to Catholics/Christians who were possible victims of rape who may be thinking of ending their own life in order to preserve their ‘honor’. Whereas some may argue (The Pegans) the act of suicide is justifiable because martyrdom is no difference then suicide, for the martyr foresees their coming death. That in which, Augustine goes out to explain that suicide differs greatly, because suicide victims intend their own death which they bring upon themselves, whereas martyrs foresee their coming death but had no actions in bringing it about. In which this paper will explain why the action of suicide is wrongful, whereas the actions of Martyrdom aren’t. In explaining the difference between the two, and why Augustine is correct in being against the actions of suicide regardless the situation. For there is no justifiable reason for an individual to end one’s life unless given their circumstances in life unless their death was out of their control, nor intended.
In the Dyson edition of Augustines City of God, Book1 chapter 20 states “no divine precept or permission can be discovered which allows us to bring about our own death, either to obtain immortality or avoid some sin”. This itself out states that there is no justifiable reason for one to bring about their own death given to avoid the conviction of sin. For the action of suicide doesn’t avoid sin, rather it is a act of homicide against oneself. This principle strictly coming…

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