Augmentative Essay

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Argumentative Paper
In a recent survey of young adults ages 18-24, 90% of them said that the new innovations in technology has made their lives easier. Technology is the backbone of society and without it our lives would be so much harder. Certain transportation advancements would’ve never been made and many people would be out of jobs. Imagine how tired everyone would be if we needed to walk everywhere and hand write everything. Technology helps society because it makes our lives easier, creates jobs and helps with transportation. Technology is making our lives so much easier. For example entertainment is a whole new ballgame. An author states that “the entertainment media has progressed because of advancements in technology.
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Transporting and getting from point A to point B now a days are so much simpler thanks to the help of technology. Back in the olden days animals were the only modes of transportation. now with technology we have modern ways to get to where we need to be (Oak). This shows that technology is advancing to where we don't need to use animals or walk everywhere to get to where we need to be. We are so grateful for the amount of technology advancements that have been made. “Bicycles evolved into scooters and sports bikes. The idea of having four wheeled modes of transport gave a rise to creation of cars” (Oak). We take all of this for granted because none of us really know what it is like walking everywhere. Although many people believe technology is helpful, many people think otherwise. Technology hurts society because “people no longer get face to face communication with others” (The Negative Effects Of Advancing Technology On Society). This expresses that technology has altered the way we communicate. Yes, people may feel that technology has altered the way we communicate but “it (technology) had given an all new dimension to communication, entertainment and recreation” (Oak). This shows that we’ve created a whole new way to communicate with others. Technology is an extremely helpful tool. It makes our lives so much easier, it helps with transportation and it creates jobs. We ride in cars everywhere, its the most common mode of transportation. Our lives are

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