Audio Lingual Method Essay

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The audiolingual method I) Key Features 1. New material is presented in dialog form. 2. There is dependence on mimicry, memorization of set phrases, and over-learning. 3. Structures are sequenced by means of constractive analysis and taught one at a time. 4. Structual patterns are taught using repetitive drills. 5. There is little or no grammatical explanation. Grammar is taught by inductive analogy rather than deductive explanation. 6. Vocabulary is strictly limited and learned in context. 7. There is much use of tapes, language labs, and visual aids. 8. Great importance is attached to pronunciation. 9. Very little use of the mother tongue by teachers is permitted. 10. Successful responses are …show more content…
Disadvantages of Audio-Visual/Audio-Lingual Method
1 Basic method of teaching is repetition, speech is standardised and pupils turn into parrots who can reproduce many things but never create anything new or spontaneous.
Pupils became better and better at pattern practice but were unable to use the patterns fluently in natural speech situations.
2 Mechanical drills of early Audio-Visual approach criticised as being not only boring and mindless but also counter-productive, if used beyond initial introduction to new structure.
3 Audio-Visual materials were open to same sort of misuse. Tendency to regard audio-visual materials as a teaching method in themselves, not as a teaching aid.
4 Soon became clear to teachers that audio-visual approach could only assist in presentation of new materials. More subtle classroom skills were needed for pupils to assimilate material and use it creatively. This final vital phase was often omitted by teachers.
New technology caught publishers and text-book writers unprepared - very few commercial materials were available in the early stages. Those that did exist stressed oral and aural skills and didn't develop reading and writing skills.
6 New materials necessitated extensive use of equipment with all associated problems of black-out, extension leads, carrying tape-recorders from classroom to classroom. Some schools set up Specialist- Language rooms, but teachers still had to

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