Essay on Audio Lingual Method

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4 The Audio-Lingual Method (Pages 35-51)
1- Compare and contrast the Direct Method and the Audio-Lingual Method.
(1) Both are oral-based approaches.
(2) The Direct Method emphasizes vocabulary acquisition through exposure to its use in situations; the Audio-Lingual Method drills students in the use of grammatical sentence patterns. (3) Unlike the Direct Method, the Audio-Lingual Method has a strong theoretical base in linguistics and psychology.
2- How has the behavioral psychology influenced the Audio-Lingual Method?
(1) It was thought that the way to acquire the sentence patterns of the target language was through conditioning—helping learners to respond correctly to stimuli through shaping and reinforcement.
(2) Learners
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11- What is the importance of contrastive analysis in the Audio-Lingual Method?
It helps the teacher to locate the places where s/he anticipates her/his students will have trouble. Also, a contrastive analysis between the students’ native language and the target language will reveal where a teacher should expect the most interference.
12- State the main principles of the Audio-Lingual Method.
1) Language forms do not occur by themselves; they occur most naturally within a context. 2) One of the language teacher's major roles is that of a model of the target language.
3) Language learning is a process of habit formation.
4) It is important to prevent learners from making errors. Errors lead to the formation of bad habits.
5) Positive reinforcement helps the students to develop correct habits.
6) Students should 'overlearn,' i.e. learn to answer automatically without stopping to think. 7) Students should acquire the structural patterns; students will learn vocabulary afterward. 8) The learning of a foreign language should be the same as the acquisition of the native language. 9) Speech is more basic to language than the written form. The 'natural order’ of skill acquisition is: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
10) Language cannot be separated from culture. Culture is the everyday behavior of the people who use the target language.
13- What are

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