Auctionwire Case Study

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The recommended solution for the problems faced by Auctionwire will be to continue on with the Canauction software.

The decision is made on after taking into account various reasons. The primary reason being the financial situation of the company will not allow the building of its software for the time being. Auctionwire will need to stabilize financially before being able to invest in its own software. Building their own particular programming would expand the sensibility of the structure as it is changed to Auctionwire's individual needs yet resources anticipated that would do this viably would be too much. eBay is persistently changing so the item made by Auctionwire would likewise
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It is important to understand that what is paid plays crucial role in the quality of product acquired. The increase in price can be eased into the cash flow management. This will solve the issue of poor support as well as help re-establish the relationship between president of Canauction and Gold. This may also be able to provide enough demanding power to improvise its service.

As mentioned above, the building of own software would take a lot of time that Auctionwire do not have. Quick and effective solution is needed to solve the issues faced by them. Appropriate IT specialists ought to be enlisted to execute the product legitimately. Proper testing and adequate training should be requested from Canauction. The staff should be given opportunity to run the software during training and raise as much questions to clear their doubts. Time required to fulfil this obligation will be affordable compared to acquiring another or building its own software.

No doubt that problem with stability of the software cannot be solved overnight, Auctionwire will need to have continuously report the shortcomings and urge Canauction to resolve the issues
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Once these issues are settled it be assumed that Canauction will be by a wide edge the best structure to be available in the market. This choice additionally guarantees the framework is constantly upgraded and Auctionwire is not abandoned in case of any adjustments in the business.

This option also ensures the system is always updated and Auctionwire is not left behind in the event of any changes in the industry. Building of own software would lie the burden to keeping up with the update on company itself and may result disastrously in the event any crucial changes are overlooked. It may also be difficult to upgrade to new technology as the fundamental of the software need to be amended. In addition, every time the inventor is called to update the software will incur high overhead cost. The maintenance cost of any acquired software usually absorbs the cost of updating.

The continuing of using Canauction is deemed to be ideal based on the overall situation of company. Auctionwire will need a lot of patience in planning their business strategy and their time according to their business need and achieving their ultimate goal of having a suitable software.


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