Attributes Of A Good Teacher Essay

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Attributes of a Good Teacher My little brother is the reason why I want to become an early childhood teacher. He is ten years smaller than me. Watching him grow up day by day from a baby to a naughty boy makes me feel delightful and excited. I sometimes was curious about what his little mind was thinking. Thereby, I want to learn more about how children develop and learn in cognitive, social, emotional and moral aspects, hoping to understand them better. Elders in China often say that the most pivotal period in the self-development of children is before three years old. I knew this saying when I was young but I never had a deep understanding about it. My parents were quite busy doing their business when my little brother was a still an infant. Most of the time he was baby-sited by my aunt. As he grew older, my parents and I observed that some of his facial expressions and ways of talking were exactly the same as my uncle. I was shocked and upset when I saw my brother doing that. It was then that I realized how significant it is for adults to perform as a perfect model for children and understood the importance of early childhood education. Montessori (1965) mentioned that young children learn new knowledge and skills by taking in, modeling and imitating any stimulation presented in front of them. Early childhood educators should be good role models for children with respect to social norms, polite manners, self-independence and effective interpersonal skills. My mentor in…

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