Attitudes Towards Immigration Essay

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Undoubtedly, immigration has been a vital aspect throughout American history; however, American attitudes and policies toward immigration have been tumultuous and unsteady. To explain, America has experienced periods of being very welcoming and periods of opposing immigration and certain immigrant groups. However, in order to understand the current policies and attitudes towards immigration and refugees today, it is crucial to study the prior stances on immigration throughout American history. Dr. John Vile, Dean of the Honors College at Middle Tennessee State University, aimed to depict the history and implications of immigration in the United States in his lecture “Immigration and Citizenship: The American Historical Experience.” Through his lecture, Dr. Vile exposed several key similarities between modern policy and attitudes toward immigration and those of the past, …show more content…
The history of immigration in the country has been volatile. To explain, throughout the history of the country, nearly every immigrant group entering the United States has received some form of resistance apart from western Europeans. Today, immigration has been a major topic in the media and during the presidential election; however, many political leader and citizens still hold negative attitudes toward immigrants and refugees. However, much could be learned about the results and consequences of the attitudes and laws of the past. For instance, Americans could learn from the mistake of not accepting Jewish refugees during the second world war and be more open to accepting Syrian refugees. Due to the important role of immigration, it is critical to consider the effects of immigration through American history. At this stage in American history, it is vital to evaluate the errors of the past and improve the immigration policies for the

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