Atticus Character Analysis Essay

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Register to read the introduction… This skill allows him to be more understanding of people and must be a huge advantage in court. When in court for Tom, it is clear that “Atticus was trying to show… that Mr. Ewell could have beaten up Mayella.”(238) After the trial, he understands why Mr. Ewell is so furious and deals with him properly despite how rude and disrespectful Mr. Ewell was. Atticus knows that “You never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view.”(Atticus n.p.) and he uses this knowledge to deal with problems like these and also teaches this concept to Jem and Scout. He explains to them that Boo Radley isn’t the man they perceive him as and teaches them to know them you must try

“walking into his skin and walking around in it.”(Atticus n.p.) This ability that Atticus has, allows him to treat others the way they want to be treated which overall makes him a better person.
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This makes him stands out in Maycomb and almost puts him ahead of his time although most people see it as a negative. He rises to the occasion in court for Tom stating that the jury should vote based on the testimonies and facts rather than the color of the defenses skin. He claims that it is unfair and that “This case should never have come to trial. This case is as simple as black and white.”(271) He also demonstrates these same policies outside the courthouse. When people who may not feel as if they are equals come over to the Finch’s house Atticus shows them that they are and makes them feel welcome. When Walter Cunningham stays for dinner “He and Atticus talked together like two men… Atticus was expanding upon farm problems,” which is an example of him helping Walter fit in as an equal in a strange environment. Therefore, Atticus sees everyone as an equal and respects peoples

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