Atticus : An Archetypal Hero Essay examples

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An Ideal hero is someone who solemnly concentrates on trying to assure people’s safety and attempts to make a difference in the world by giving out the best of his abilities. He is there to show that one’s worth through courageous acts without any dirty tricks to win a confrontation. Ideal heroes are kenned for their triumph and attributes and are mostly pictured as powerful, muscular, vigorous and energetic. In To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, Atticus is the hero who renders the characteristics of being courageous and caring as he is tries to make ethical and moral decisions to change up the ways of Maycomb. There are many instances where Atticus has presented himself as an archetypal hero. He suffers through pain, lives the moments of joy and at times has feel in charge of his own actions. As a lawyer Atticus fulfills his job and stands up for justice as he tries to defend a Negro who is accused of raping a white man’s daughter. During the duration of when the black people were disrespected by the white people, Atticus took a huge step by defending a black man. When the kids at Jem and Scout’s school were talking about how Atticus is defending Tom Robinson a black man; that night, the kids tell Atticus what happened at school Atticus asserts, “I’m simply defending a Negro, his name’s Tom Robinson.” (Lee, 75) Atticus shows an abundance of courage and confidence when he defends Tom. The black community knew that without Atticus’s avail Tom would directly go to jail.…

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