Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ( Adhd ) Essay

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Narrative Opening
My topic is ADD/ADHD specifically in college students. For those of you who don’t know what ADHD stands for it means attention deficit hyperactive disorder. This simply stated means that the one who has ADHD is often unable to concentration. They also may have trouble being still for long periods of time and sometimes it is difficult to retain information. I chose ADHD because, it is a topic that is fairly close to my heart. My brother and god sister were diagnosed with ADHD at different times but I have seen their struggles in school and in their social lives due to their condition. My brother was diagnosed his sophomore year of college he is now a senior, he has learned how to accommodate his disorder and is doing well. My god sister was diagnosed her freshman year of high school, she is now a junior in college the stress of it is still hard for her but hopefully it will get better. Both have had their fair share of problems in school and social life but, I for one am curious as to how they cope or handle certain obstacles that come their way.
Researching this topic would help me to better understand why my brother for one does the things that he does. For instance he has told me that he must study in complete silence no television, or music playing. He has to have his books laid out in a certain fashion so he won’t bounce from pages of one book to another without thinking about it and then get confused. Other people who are around him can’t even talk…

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