Attention And The Factors That Can Affect It Essay

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Bottom-up & Top-Down, Selective Visual Attention Change Detention and Change Blindness

Attention is defined as the state of current awareness of the here and now in a focal and perceptive way. It determines the content of mindfulness and has an impact in the value of conscious experience. Although human experience is govern by the way people direct their attention or their gaze allocation, it is clear that they do not have complete power over such direction. There are, for example, circumstances when a person has difficulty concentrating attention on an exercise, a conversation, or a set of events. At other times a person’s attention is “captured” by an unexpected event, which can also be described as a Bottom-up event rather than voluntarily directed toward it, described also as a Top-Down event (Chapman, Foulsham, Nasiopoulos & Kingston 2014).
In their study, Chapman and colleagues (2014) stated that human visual search is the behavior and mechanism that allow humans to find visual object and it is as well the most investigated task in cognitive science. Human visual search has been study extremely in the laboratory. A quality visual reach study includes a target surrounded by several distractors, differentiated on the basis of one or two simple visual dimensions. For example, ‘Q’ amongst ‘O’, or a ‘T’ amongst ‘L’, or a red horizontal line amongst green horizontal lines and red vertical lines. These items are presented on…

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