Purpose Of Egypt To Attack Israel By Anwar Sadat

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In writer analysis The first actor behind this war is Egypt president Anwar Sadat. To anwering Essay Question of what is the purpose of Egypt to attacking Israel is because Anwar Saddat want to taking back their National Pride and Sinai Territory after defeated by Israel in Six Days War 1967. Egypt economic was not stable after Six Days War 1967 also Egypt lost almost half their military power and Anwar Saddat Wants to taking back Sinai region because is very important for Egypt. During the period there is a small conflict with Egypt and Israel on Sinai territory after Israel controling Sinai and they call “Atrisi War”. In Atrisi war Egypt was attacked by Israel from Sinai region but Egypt attacking them too. This is very dangerous
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So Egypt leader wants to taking back their national pride. This is one of the purpose why Anwar Sadat wants to revenge to Israel under his leadership. To attack Israel once again Anwar Saddat create their grand strategy. Saddat wants to gather power from Arab Nation like Syria also Saudi Arabia to support him on the battle with Israel. Syria is one of Egypt allies under the leadership of Al-Assad they are becoming a serious threat for Israel also with Yordania. But after Six Days War there is a difference understanding about military force towards Arab Countries also Egypt and Syria. Because USA and Israel didn't think about their military capability to create a modern warfare against Israel. But after Six Days War Egypt also Syiria had a military cooperation with Soviet Union. Soviet Union send their weapon also military equipment for their allies and support them for this war. Because they want to protect their allies from USA and suppot Anwar Saddat grand strategy. (Oktorino, …show more content…
Anwar Saddat was the main actor of this war because some economic problem and national prides in his country he think that it will be a good strategy if they attacking Israel. This war is about reclaiming Sinai territory and inviting Syrian to taking back Golan Mountain from Israel. After this war Israel and Egypt negotiated and recover their diplomacy relations And their made Camp David agreement. So many Arab Country didn't like Egypt because they call Egypt a traitor under Anwar Saddat regime (Staff H. , 2009). But we can see there is no big war between Arab Nation and Israel in the future. This war is a historical for the both side because they can almost defeat Israel for the first time. But there is no winner in this War, the both sides has a big loss and also Egypt can reach their interest to taking back Sinai

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