Suez Canal

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  • The Enlargement Of The Suez Canal

    Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez was responsible for the construction of the Suez Canal in Egypt. This channel connected the Read Sea with the Mediterranean Sea, opening a shorter trade route between Asia and Europe. Almost 100 years later, in 1956 the Egyptian President nationalized the canal, resulting in the Suez Crisis with military actions by Israel, France and the United Kingdom. However, the channel remained in the hands of Egypt. In 1962 Egypt fulfilled its last payment to the Compagnie de Suez. On Saturday, 5th of August 2014, the head of the Suez Canal Authority, Lieutenant General Mohab Mermish announced the expansion of the Suez Canal during a press conference, in presence…

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  • History Of The Suez Canal Crisis

    Suez Canal Crisis Israel Military CSM Shahzad Khan Totakhil United States Army Sergeants Major Academy Class 66 CO1 Martin / Mr. Santiago 10 May 2016 1956 Suez Canal Crisis: Israel Military The Born of Suez Canal The 1869 Suez Canal plan started as a cooperation between the French and the Egyptian Government (, 1869). In 1854, French Diplomat, Ferdinal de Lesseps, succeeded to persuade the Viceroy of Egypt, Mohamed Said, into the creation of the canal through the desert between…

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  • The British Empire: The Suez Canal

    The British Empire is often described as the largest formal empire at its peak in terms of its massive expansion of authority and far-reaching influence all over the world, as is evident from its territory comprised of more than a quarter of the land area of the globe. The Suez Canal which was opened in 1869 hugely contributed to maintain the empire by providing a shorter link to the sea between Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. Its geo-strategic importance is illustrated in the comment of…

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  • Analysis: Nationalization Of The Suez Canal

    Nationalization of the Suez Canal An analysis through Prospect Theory On 26th July, 1956 Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal and the reason that he gave for the nationalization was that he required funds for the building for the Aswan dam. Though in reality it was an act of revenge against the French, British and Americans because they had recently refused to fund the building of Aswan Dam and he wanted to establish Egypt as the leader of middle-east by embarking an end to the…

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  • Why Did The British Take The Suez Canal

    With Israel, the UK, the French being mad at Nasser for nationalizing the canal, and the invasion, a lot of things happened concerning the Suez Canal Israel will want to control the Suez Canal for multiple reasons, they might want the money that may come from it, or they may just want to see who is trying to get through the canal. (Jazeera 2008) Also they may want to control it for yet another reason, that may want to be able to control who gets to be able to get through the canal. If…

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  • Suez Canal Crisis Analysis

    Multiple Choice: NORAD stands for North American Aerospace Defence Command. The Suez Canal Crisis was when the Egyptian government took control of the Suez Canal. This canal was used by Britain for oil transport, so Western governments were afraid that this would be a blow to Britain’s economy. The Soviet Union gave nuclear bombs to the Cuba because the Soviet Union was planning an attack on the U.S and wanted to increase the threat from the Caribbean. Canada joined the G6, thus creating the…

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  • Suez Canal Essay

    1. Egypt expected the opening of the Suez Canal to showcase the independence and power of the country. But the canal, although a success, had different consequences. What were they? Because shipping companies saved time and money the canal shortcut, they could invest their resources in new technology (i.e. steamships). Great Britain benefited greatly because trade with Asia was more convenient. France also reaped benefits from the canal, but not at the same extent as Great Britain. The Suez…

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  • Third Parties's Role In The Suez Conflict Of 1956

    Third party countries played a major role in the Suez Crisis/Sinai Conflict of 1956. In order to understand the impact made by third parties, one must first understand the history of the Suez Canal, the rise of power of Nasser, and the complete Suez Crisis/Sinai Conflict itself. The Suez Canal opened on November 17, 1869. This canal is an important waterway that connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. It allows for lesser distances to deliver goods to other parts of the world. Without…

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  • African American Influence In The 20th Century

    Reading on a subject I do not know well has been enlightening, I was not aware of how much influence the world had so early in the 20th century. In reading I learned that in fact Both European and Germans had a grand influx during the turn of the century. Taking control of most of African in all directions and fighting wars among the natives as well as helping and hindering the culture that wished to thrive within the take over and influence. Within that first Decade of the 1900’s they had…

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  • Middle Eastern Campaign/Palestine Campaign Analysis

    stagnating Western Front. The Middle Eastern Campaign/Palestine Campaign is a highly controversial event, as it is neglected historically. Australia’s contribution throughout the campaign was exemplified mainly by: the ANZACS participating in the defence of the Suez Canal in the Attack on Romani, advancing into Palestine and capturing…

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