Essay on Atomic Weapons Cause The Cold War

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A difficult question that surrounds the idea of the Cold War is what we all have heard since high school history class, did atomic weapons cause the cold war, or at the very least, accelerate it? According to many historians, the Cold War was a conflict of two main objectives; the development of nuclear weapons and the fear of communism and soviet expansion. With these two key characteristics, it is only logical to say that the Cold War was a spawn of both of them combined. It began as a struggle of competing ideologies and the Stalinist view of complete and utter domination in Europe while imposing the communist ways, the context of the war then changed with the Manhattan project by the United States, and it then ended with the fear and suspicion of other countries and the building of their nuclear arsenals. Obviously, there is more than one right answer when it comes to the question looming in this paper, but even questions we deal with in our daily lives. So how do we go about engaging in civil discourse when we are discussing a topic that people passionately disagree about? It is important to keep in mind that in the topic of civil discourse, even though we have heated disagreements over a topic, we must go about the discussion or debate of these differences through politeness and courtesy. We mustn’t talk past each other, but rather engage in conversation that allows for civil discussion about passionate ideals. Many historians believed that the beginning of the Cold…

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