Atomic Bomb And Nuclear Bomb Essay

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It all started in 1938 when the first discovery of the atomic bomb was found known as fission. Top physicists from different countries were gathered to help make the deadliest weapon in the world. The government entrusted these physicists with the secret of constructing the atomic bomb so other countries like the Soviet Union and Germany would not figure out their detailed plan. Although they were given that oath to secrecy, inside the walls of Los Alamos the Laboratory used for the building of the bomb in New Mexico, physicists took detailed information to the direct source of the Soviet Union. Steve Sheinkin gives you an entirely new look at the dropping of the atomic bomb in the book “Bomb”. Steve Sheinkin objective towards this book was to express the importance of the science behind the atomic bomb and the difficult times faced by the physicists involved. Sheinkin focuses thoroughly on the people incorporated with the building and dropping of the atomic bomb. Many people were involved in this life-changing decision made by the Americans. Starting with Albert Einstein who realized the power behind the fission discovered by German-born physicist Otto Hahn, and went full force into making sure President Roosevelt knew the importance of the security of the supply of Uranium to the government. Sheinkin shows you the effect placed upon the men involved with the dropping of the bomb and that kind of empty feeling, Robert Oppenheimer explained it as “I feel I have blood on…

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